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This is Earth Day. We are invited to give thanks for the planet on which we live.

Do you have a vehicle? Do you take care of it? Maybe you’ve arranged to switch from winter to summer tires and have the oil changed. Regular maintenance helps to extend the life of the vehicle. It also helps reduce the damage our vehicle does to the earth as we go from A to B. But, positive as this is, it takes a lot more from each of us to take care of the Earth. The planet we live on is finite but has built in systems for renewing itself which could sustain life for years to come IF... if we do our part in maintaining those systems. We regularly hear suggestions for adopting a green approach to daily life from our leaders.

Here is a suggestion which might have been missed. In your daily prayers do you pray for the trees and the creatures who live in them, for the rain and the grass which absorbs the moisture, for the leafy plants that release oxygen for all to breath, for the calming of the wind when it rages blindly across the fields, and the list goes on. Let us pray for the Earth.

Bible Reading: Genesis 1: 20-28; Psalm 8: 3-9