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During this pandemic have you wondered if this event is a precursor to the end time, the return of Christ Jesus as King of kings? Sometimes when tragedies strike on a national and international scale we may be tempted to entertain such thoughts. Today’s reading cautions against such thinking.

The return of our Lord will be so dramatic and instantly world-wide that no one will be left wondering what is happening. The message in what Jesus says to his disciples in response to the question about the coming of God’s kingdom, is that we must be living our daily life in such a way that we are always ready to stand before our Lord and Saviour, unafraid, filled with joy and thanksgiving.

What have you and I learned during this pandemic that can help us re-dedicate ourselves to living as God expects us to live? How will we incorporate this into our daily life as we leave this pandemic behind us?

Bible Reading: Luke 17: 20-37