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How are we to pray? When the disciples asked Jesus for guidance in their prayer life Jesus provided them with an outline of what themes they should include in their daily prayers. We have made this outline into a stand alone prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, because Jesus gave it and it is so concise and comprehensive. However there is more to prayer than the words we use.

The basis of a prayer acceptable to God is our attitude and intention in offering it. Do we rattle off a prayer from memory in order to check off “daily prayer” on our To Do List? Do we pray aloud so that others may hear us and envy our piety and righteousness? Do we bring before God our sins, our failures to live as we know that God would have us live, and ask for God’s mercy?

Which type of prayer do you, do I, tend to offer to our loving Creator? What guidance would Jesus give us for developing a healthy prayer life? One of Jesus’ answers is in the Bible Reading for today.

Bible Reading: Luke 18:1-14