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Do you remember the shortest verse in the New Testament? Yes, “Jesus wept.” As Jesus approached the tomb of his friend Lazarus, he wept. The crowd who witnessed this said to each other, “See how he loved him!” It is OK, indeed beneficial, that we weep when a person we love dies.

The New Testament writers tell us of many situations which filled Jesus with compassion. There is a second incident which moved him to tears.

For days Jesus and his disciples had been walking from the area of Galilee to Jerusalem in order to celebrate the Festival of Passover in the holy city. They had been joined by other pilgrims. When they came to Bethpage Jesus mounted a donkey. A joyful parade formed around “the King who comes in the name of the Lord”. As the slow moving crowd crested the Mount of Olives, the city sparkled in the sunlight below them. Seeing it, Jesus wept. Why did Jesus weep tears of sadness? Luke explains.

Throughout our earthly life we are given opportunities to welcome the King who comes in the name of the Lord. Jesus weeps when we choose not to, because our action not only hurts us but it also affects generations after us.

Bible Reading: John 11: 33-36, Luke 19: 39-44