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At the beginning and the end of each day it is helpful to pause and offer to God our prayers of thanksgiving. Here, slightly adapted, are two prayers from an Unknown author which you might find meaningful. Their focus is the giving of thanks for the Faith which sustains us.

Into your hands, Almighty God, we commend ourselves this day. May your presence be with us throughout this time which you give us. Strengthen us to remember that in whatever good work we do, we are serving You. May we be guided by your Holy Spirit to seek to know Your will and knowing it, to gladly perform it to the honour of your Holy Name; this we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Almighty God, who in your wisdom has so ordered our earthly life that we must walk each day by faith and not by sight; grant us such faith in You that, in the midst of all those things which are beyond our understanding, we may believe in your eternal loving care, and always be strengthened by the assurance that underneath us are the everlasting arms; through Jesus Christ our Lord.   Amen

Bible Reading: Psalm 130