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On Sunday we heard Jesus encourage his followers with the message that we should never be daunted by small beginnings. During the pandemic there have been stories in the News which have acknowledged this message. With very little resources, entrepreneurs have taken the risk to develope their imaginative idea and bring it to market. Many have had the business acumen to persevere and enjoy success. Like the mustard seed, small things can become huge. This is how the reign of God in a person’s life often develops.

Think of Jesus. His short ministry began in the dryness of the wilderness where he wrestled with what it meant to be called by God the Father. Having resolved the question of what it meant for him to serve God by bringing people into a living relationship with their Creator, Jesus left the wilderness and began his mission of challenging people one by one to change their focus in life, to live trusting in God’s presence and sustaining love. Even though his mission included death on a cross, Jesus persevered, entrusting his spirit into God’s hands as he died. God raised Jesus from the dead and His message and mission continues to grow some 2000 years later. Praise and thanks be to God.

Bible Reading: Mark 4:30-32; Luke 23:44-46.