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In 1928 Mary Wilder Tileston published a revised edition of her 1897 book, “Prayers Ancient and Modern”, which she had selected from a variety of sources. A few of the prayers are not credited to a particular composer. This prayer, on page 180, is one of the uncredited ones.

Almighty God, our only true and lasting light, look upon us with Thy constant mercy;
when our eyes no longer behold those whom we have loved, we turn to Thee.
Strengthen our faith that, though gone from our sight, they are in some other of Thy divine mansions, and that one day the door of death shall open, and we, passing through, shall behold them radiant with Thy light.

Comfort us, strengthen us, guide us to the end, and afterward receive us to Thy glory— (this we pray in Thy Holy Name; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; one God, for ever and ever.) Amen.

You might wish to rewrite this prayer, using it as a guide, in today’s vernacular.

Bible Reading: John 14: 1-3.