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Have you worked on a project, then had it thrown out by a higher authority? Walter Howard Frere, Bishop of Truro 1923-1935, had such an experience. In 1928 he work on the proposed revision of the Church of England Book of Common Prayer only to have it rejected by the British Parliament. Here is a prayer he composed.

O Father, I will trust You: for all the known and all the unknown good that I have ever had has come from You. Sweet Saviour, I will trust You: Your grace is all-sufficient for my soul, as mighty as Your power and as matchless as Your love. Blest Spirit, I will trust You: how can I ever dare to trust myself, to think, or speak, or act apart from You? O God, my God, my hope and stay, You know and order all that is best, I know not what to will or do aright; then make me ever love to choose and do Your will.

Perhaps this prayer of Faith can help us re-focus after a disappointment so that we may continue to go forward in life seeking to express the love and the presence of God in all that we do.

Bible Reading: Proverbs 29:25b, 30:5b; Nahum 1:7