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What do you do with anxiety, how do you lay your burden down?

Yesterday we met Eliezer of Damascus, the oldest servant in Abraham’s household. Until the birth of Isaac Eliezer was first in line to inherit Abraham’s wealth. When Abraham and Sarah were blessed with the birth of Isaac, the chance of Eliezer being Abraham’s heir vanished.

Apparently this did not affect the very close relationship Eliezer had with his Master. Indeed, later, Abraham entrusted Eliezer with the task of going back to the land where his brother had settled to find a bride from amongst Abraham’s extended family for Isaac. This task caused Eliezer much anxiety. “What if I find a bride who is unwilling to come back here, may I take Isaac to live in your kinsman’s land?” he asked. Eventually Eliezer agreed to do as Abraham directed and swore a sacred oath as Abraham required.

Arriving in the distant land, Eliezer sought God’s guidance. His prayer included a plan as to how the future bride would be identified for him. Just as he finished his prayer, a woman came to draw water. Her answer to Eliezer’s request for a drink revealed that she was the one the Lord had chosen. Joy replaced Eliezer’s anxiety as he laid his burden down.

Bible Reading: Genesis 24:1-67