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As I poured water over my tooth brush I remembered the Ad for “Smooth Tooth paste” which said it would save you water because you did not need to use a wet tooth brush. The paste had sufficient moisture to work on its own. Hum, the paste I use is very moist out of the tube. Why do I wet my tooth brush?

A picture memory came to mind. It was 1949 and I was watching my Dad brush his teeth. First he got the tooth brush very wet. Then he shook some dry powder out of the Teeth Cleaner tin into his hand and rubbed the tooth brush in it, making a paste for brushing teeth. An aa-hah moment!

Like the story about the little girl who asked her mother why she always cut a slice off the Ham before putting it in the roasting pan. “I’m not sure why. My mother always did it. Your Granny is coming for supper. Lets ask her.” When Granny arrived and they were all in the kitchen, the daughter asked the question. “Oh,” Granny explained, “I always cut a slice off in order to fit it into my roasting pan.”

Always done it that way might not be a good reason now.

Bible Reading: Matthew 15:1-6.