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I do not remember what country the Reporter was commenting on but what caught my attention was the statement that we are living in the midst of a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Those who have not received the vaccine which fights against COVID19 are succumbing to the variants and going to hospital. Let us encourage one another to accept the vaccine when we are given the opportunity and are advised by our Doctor to receive it.

I say this because we had a great holiday with our grand-children and their parents. All of us had received two doses of vaccine. Finally after more than a year we were able to give hugs in abundance. It was a memory making time playing Uno and eating S-mores. My grateful thanks to the many gifted Health Care workers who were encouraged and inspired by God to work very long hours to care for the sick, and to develope the vaccines which are now making it possible to return to some limited social engagement.

As our daily life becomes freer let us not forget the people in other countries whose governments are unable to purchase the vaccine. Let us pray that the Nations of the World will work together to redress this situation.

Bible Reading: Mark 16:19-20; Romans 15:5-6.