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Last Sunday we read Mark 7:24-37. These verses describe some months in the life of Jesus when he and the disciples went away from Galilee to the pagan territory of Tyre and Sidon. The Galilean crowds had become so large and persistent that often Jesus was unable to eat and he had no private time for teaching his disciples. So Jesus took his disciples on a Sabbatical.

COVID has made many of us take a Sabbatical from our pre-COVID activities. Hopefully you have made time to study the Scriptures and think about what God is calling you to do for your neighbour. One thing that we can do for our neighbour is to get vaccinated against COVID. If you have questions about the vaccines, checked out the Alberta Health website, or consult with your family doctor. Some people due to their medical situation or age are unable to get vaccinated. We who can safely be vaccinated need to do so in order to protect them. Wearing our mask in public spaces continues to be a necessary and positive thing to do during our Sabbatical.

As Sunday’s reading told us, when Jesus was on Sabbatical he continued to act in a caring way toward his neighbour, both stranger and countryman.

Bible Reading: Mark 7: 24-37