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Today, Holy Cross Day, the Anglican Parish of St. George, Calgary, gives thanks to God for calling the Rev. Deacon Joan Carson to be an Anglican Priest. We at St. George’s lift Joan up in prayer today with thank-filled hearts that she said yes to God’s call.

Being a Priest gives Joan a leadership position in the Church of God. To be a leader of the followers of Jesus means being like a servant. In the Gospels of Luke and John Jesus talks with his disciples during the Last Supper about being a leader. Earlier during their journey to Jerusalem he had talked about the human desire to be a leader in order to boss others. This is not the way it shall be amongst you; a leader must fulfill their responsibilities by being the servant of all. This did not fit with the disciples’ picture of what it would mean for them to be the Messiah’s closest supporters when the Messiah’s reign began.

To fulfill the responsibilities of leadership in the Christian community is beyond natural human capabilities. It requires the presence and grace of God, sustaining and guiding the person as they walk the path of servant leadership; the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ reminds us of this.

Bible Reading: Luke 22:24-27; John 13: 12-17; Mark 9: 33-35.