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Have you ever paused to think about the daily News you receive via radio, television, print? Has the local and world-wide News left you feeling you are living in an in-between time? What was normal before the pandemnic is slipping away. Chaos is replacing peace and orderliness. Climate devastation gathers on the horizon. The Old Testament book of Zephaniah, written between 640- 621 BC, seems to describe such a time.

In Chapters 1 and 2 the prophet condemns the sinfulness of the people of Jerusalem and its surrounding pagan nations. A time of destruction is coming, he says. At present you are living in an in-between time. You have the chance to repent, to return to living in fellowship with God. Instead of listening to Zephaniah, the people squandered God’s gift of the in-between time with meaningless words and empty actions. But, a few did listen and returned to the Lord. Chapter 3 describes God’s delight in caring for them.

The pandemic has taught us that the people of earth, both God-fearing and God-ignoring, all share the same island home. Our challenge is to put God at the centre of our lives and seek God’s guidance in finding ways to co-operate in solving problems and sharing resources during this in- between time.

Bible Reading: Zephaniah, chapters 1-3.