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Here we are at the beginning of a new Chapter in the history of Canada. Since I am composing this item on September 20, I do not know the Election results. However, I do know that the hand of God, our loving Creator, continues to point the way forward for us as a Nation.

What does God expect of our newly elected representatives? There are three actions that our merciful Father in heaven expects of each person who will be sitting as a Member of Parliament: to care for the needy in their distress, to enact laws which ensure equality and justice for all who live in this bountiful land, and to work together across ideological lines recognizing that each elected person brings unique God-given gifts to the conversation, as they humbly work together to discern the way which God is pointing our country to go.

Having as a Nation elected the MPs who will govern us during the coming years, we, citizens of Canada, are expected to apply the same three expectations in our daily choices, so that Canada may shine as a light in the world that all may rejoice with thanksgiving in the eternal love of God our Creator.

Bible Reading: Micah 6: 8; Psalm5: 3-8,11-12; Deuteronomy 6:4-5, 10: 12-13, 17-21.