This is the day after All Saints Day. Having remembered with thanksgiving those women, children, and men who in their earthly life expressed an admirable love for Jesus our Lord, even unto death at the hands of their persecutors, we now turn our thoughts to those people who have not been named “Saints”; but who in their earthly life were influential in helping us in our daily walk with the Lord, and whose love nurtured and instructed us. On this day, All Souls Day, we lift them up to God asking that they may be blessed in eternal life with all that they need in order to experience peace as they draw nearer and nearer to our Father in heaven.

In 1759 Rev. Charles Wesley wrote a hymn celebrating our oneness in Christ in spite of death. 1.“Let saints on earth in concert sing with those whose work is done, for all the servants of our King in heaven and earth are one.”

2.“One family, we dwell in him one Church, above, beneath; though now divided by the stream, the narrow stream of death.”

5. “Jesu, be thou our constant Guide then, when the word is given, bid Jordan’s narrow stream divide, and bring us safe to heaven.” (Reference below).

The Book of Common Praise 1938, Hymn Book of the Church of England in Canada, Hymn 611