I was carrying my tea pot down the stairs to begin composing this One Moment Please spot when I suddenly felt a soft strand of something touching my finger. Strange, I was half way down and could see nothing in front of me. As I stood there experiencing this unexpected sensation I looked up and down; then I saw it. A tiny spider was swinging near the step I was on. Its thread extended several feet above my head to where the basement ceiling met the staircase. Wow, what an example of fearless faith, going where no spider had gone before! Gently I swung the thread over the step, the spider safely landed and we both went on about our business.

We live in a wonder-filled Cosmos which proclaims the glory of God. Sometimes I miss things that the Creator wishes to share with me. I allow my busyness to crowd out moments of celestial joy. I almost missed one such moment when a scrambling sound drew me to the window and looking up I saw the tail-feathers of a Flicker hanging down from the eaves trough. What a magnificent display of gold and brown feathers this bird shared before it went its way.

Let us give God praise.

Bible Reading: Psalm 19 and Psalm 148