On Sunday, November 14, Richard Berthelsen (CTV’s royal commentator) reported, “Today it seemed like ‘God Save the Queen’ was sung a bit louder and purposefully at the end”of the Remembrance Sunday Service in London. Queen Elizabeth II, a WWII Veteran, was unable to attend due to health issues. This was only the seventh time she has missed the Service in her nearly 70 years as Monarch. Let us remember Her Majesty in our prayers.

Today, November 16, we remember a distant ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II. On this day in 1093 Queen Margaret of Scotland, age 47, died after receiving the shocking news of the deaths of her husband Malcolm III and her eldest son Edward in the Battle of Alnwick three days earlier. In 1250 Margaret was canonized by Pope Innocent IV in recognition of her personal piety, her work at ecclesiastical reform in Scotland, and her dedication to serving the poor and needy. Saint Margaret’s life is an inspiration for all who face challenges beyond their control in their daily life and go forward trusting God for guidance and strength. Her daughter Edith married the English King Henry I and is known as Queen Matilda of England. We give God thanks for Saint Margaret of Scotland.

Bible Reading: Isaiah 58:6-12, Matthew 25:31-40 and wikipedia.org Saint Margaret of Scotland