A phrase which has caught my attention recently is “atmospheric river”. Apparently it was coined by researchers Reginald Newell and Yong Zhu in the 1990s to refer to a narrow corridor of concentrated moisture in the atmosphere. An atmospheric river can carry more water than the Earth’s largest river, the Amazon River. Usually there are 3-5 of these rivers within a hemisphere at any given time. A January 2019 research article predicted extreme rainfall events resulting from atmospheric rivers which could lead to peak annual floods in the Fraser River Basin. In November 2021 massive flooding in the Fraser River Basin near Vancouver was attributed to an atmospheric river. [Reference: Wikipedia] The prediction came true.

In Biblical language the work being done by science researchers today could be considered prophetic. God gifts people with the ability to interpret what is happening in the world. Through their work God reaches out in love to all people to warn them so that they can take action to protect life. When we choose to ignore the predictions of those who have dedicated their lives to studying God’s Creation, we are in danger of defying God.

Heeding the advice of climatologists and vaccine developers is to honour God’s love for us.

Bible Reading: Matthew 16: 1-3; Luke 12:54-56; Psalm 131.