Have you noticed that at this time of year there is an increase in the number of organizations asking for contributions? Requests come via the internet as well through the post box. Many of them have a connection to charitable work. So, how do you decide which ones to support?

I remember as a child being given a black note book by my Dad when he told me I would be receiving a weekly allowance. The book was for recording how I spent the money. He said that the first item to record each week was my Sunday School Offering and the second my Cub dues. Dad’s Christian devotion and his Bank training got me started on the right path! I continue on that path today except Cub dues have been replaced by responsibility for other daily expenses.

Besides my monthly support for various activities of the Christian community I also respond to some of the other appeals that come. Mental health supporters, educational endeavours, food and shelter providers, and first responders to emergency situations world-wide are groups whose mission and vision I have investigated and chosen to support. I find that making such decisions require prayers for guidance.

How do you decide? God bless and guide your decisions.

Bible Reading: Amos 9:7, Matthew 23:13-26