Zechariah 4 is the Vision of a Lampstand and Two Olive Trees. Let us think of the linkage between these items. Humankind learned that Olive Trees, a part of God’s Creation, had a value that went beyond shade and oxygen production. Their fruit was a food source as well as source of light in the night. Having developed the skills to fashion metals mined from the earth into vessels to hold the olive oil, people learned that a woven wick could be placed in the olive oil and lit to provide light as the flame slowly consumed the oil. Together the three items seen in the Vision would banish the chaotic darkness and life could be a joyful experience thanks to the caring love of God.

The Lampstand has seven lamps. Verse 10 explains that the lamps represent the eyes of the Lord that search all around the world. God is with us and within us at all times and knows us better than we know ourselves. God searches the world for lives that are endeavouring to walk in the ways of the Lord Almighty and keep God’s requirements. God’s hope is that we will learn to trust the One who loves us, the Lord of all the earth.

Bible Reading: Zechariah 4:1-14; Exodus 25:31,37; Revelation 4:5.