The 4th Week of Advent, the week before Christmas! Today’s reading from the Hebrew scriptures reports a conversation between King David, the prophet Nathan and God. Interestingly it is about building houses.

David’s house is a fine cedar palace while God has a tent. Think about that a moment. David consults with his advisor, Nathan, about building God a proper Temple to replace the tent. God objects. It sounds at first that God is not ready to settle down. God seems to have enjoyed the freedom of tent living whereby God and the people of Israel could move at a moments notice. However as the conversation unfolds God decides that Jerusalem and area would be a great place to set up residence. God tells Nathan to say to David that a future King of Israel will construct the House of God. At the same time God has fun with the term “house” and promises that a member of the House of David will rule the People of God for ever. As Christian members of the People of God we believe that person is Jesus the Christ who lives for ever and ever.

At Christmas God’s promise to David through Nathan is fulfilled.

Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 7:1-17; Isaiah 9:7; Luke 1:32-33.