Christmas is a time when people often give each other gifts. How do you feel or react when someone close to you or a complete stranger gives you a gift? There are more scenarios than I have room to describe in this One Moment Please spot so let me be more specific. How do you and I respond when God gives us a gift?

Today’s reading describes how King David responded when God surprised him with the gift of the promise that “David’s dynasty and kingdom would continue for all time before God and that David’s throne would be secure for ever.” David is overcome with awe, humility, thanksgiving, and trust that God would keep the promise. From shepherd to giant killer to court musician to outlaw to rebel to king, David’s survival had been in the hand of God and the closeness between David and God had steadily grown. Have you and I grown closer to God during our earthly life? Do we see how God has supported, guided, and gifted us? What is our response?

Christmas is filled with stories about people responding to God’s gracious presence in their lives. They are examples for us to think about. Two more days till Christmas!

Bible Reading: 2 Samuel 7:18-29; Luke 1:38-48; Luke 1:57-70.