January 25 is the Holy Day on which the Church celebrates the Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle. As I was beginning this OMP spot a song came on the radio advertising a visit to Calgary by Country music singer Ryan Lindsay who has recently shared a new song on youtube titled, “If your heart ain’t in it, you ain’t got a chance with her’s.” As I listened to this song celebrating personal integrity and dedication, I thought, this applies to St. Paul. After his conversion he dedicated his life to expressing his love for Jesus Christ, and Christ’s love for all people.

The evangelistic mission of the Christian church is partly due to St. Paul. As a young man, using his Jewish name, Saul, he studied in Jerusalem, becoming a Pharisee. He agreed with the stoning of St. Stephen and set about eradicating the new sect called the Way. This persecution caused many Christians to leave Jerusalem, taking God’s Good News to other parts of the Roman Empire. After his conversion Saul began to use his Roman name Paul and led the way in planting churches amongst the Gentiles. Because Paul’s heart was in what he did, God could work to touch the hearts of many others through him. Praise God!

Bible Reading: Acts 7:54-8:1; 13: 1-12; 26:1-32.