Yesterday we celebrated St. Paul, today we remember two young men who were influenced by Paul’s witness to Jesus Christ. Under Paul’s guidance they became leaders in the early days of the church. St. Paul wrote to each of them and these pastoral letters have become a part of the New Testament. Today we give thanks to God for Timothy and Titus, Companions of St. Paul.

Timothy was born at Lystra, the son of a Gentile father and a Jewish mother. Paul was impressed by Timothy and wanted him to join him in his missionary journey. To make Timothy acceptable to the Jewish Christians, Paul arranged for him to be circumcised, and together they were able to strengthen the growing church. On various occasions Timothy went as Paul’s representative to the Thessalonians, the Corinthians, and the Ephesians. Titus was of gentile birth and remained un-circumcised. At times he acted as Paul’s secretary as well as his representative. Titus attended the Jerusalem council 50AD. In about 63AD, during Paul’s release from prison, Paul and Titus visited the island of Crete. Paul left Titus there with the task of organizing the church. Titus is remembered as the first bishop of Crete.

Praise God for Paul’s faithful companions, Timothy and Titus.

Bible Reading: Acts 16:1-5; 2 Corinthians 8:16-24; Titus 1:4-5.