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One Moment Please with Bishop Derek Hoskin   The sun has set and darkness has spread across the city. Here and there I can see patches of light in the night. Some are brilliant while others are a soft bay colour. In the darkness the traffic lights change red, green, yellow. On the horizon I can see an expanse of white shining in the dark, the snow on the Olympic ski jump! But, staring as hard as I can, I cannot see the Rocky Mountains. I know those majestic peaks of God’s Creation stand like sentinels in the night but I must wait to see them in the morning light.  

We are living in time of darkness as we wait for the scientists and researchers to see the solution which will end this pandemic. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire and enlighten them that all the peoples of the world may rejoice in the dawn of morning’s light.  

Bible reading: Gospel of John 1: 1-5, give praise to God that the light shines through the darkness