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Recently we received a message via email saying that a close relative in another country has tested positive for the presence of the corona virus and is now in 14 day mandatory isolation along with immediate family members. Such news was a shock even though we knew that as a lung doctor working in a hospital he was on the front line of the fight against this disease. Being young and otherwise in good health we believe that he and his family will safely come through this.  

However one wonders, what can I do? Our first  response is to pray for them; praying that God’s loving presence with them will encourage and uplift them spiritually, mentally, and physically. This prayer is offered  throughout the day. Another response is to be on the look-out for humourous items to share with them so that they all have a good laugh. Simple responses that each of us could engage in when we hear of people close to us who are fighting the good fight

Bible reading: Proverbs 17:22 and 1 Timothy 6:12