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 The Invasion of the World has been a Science Fiction theme since the genre began. The story would picture human beings banding together to defend the planet. We are living in such an occasion as Nations work together to defeat corona virus COVID19.  

Such a uniting together to defeat a common enemy raises the question, what will the world look like after the fight is over? The answer need not be, “just as it was before.”  

The readings for Holy Week describe a Cosmic fight between Good and Evil which was waged on planet earth two thousand years ago. Jesus described to his disciples what the world would look like after He had won the fight. In that new day people would live each moment knowing that the Creator of all loves them and that they can share each moment with our Father in heaven—asking for and receiving all that is good and beneficial for them, and for others. A world that is anxiety free and joy-filled as each person lives the moment relying on the guidance and support of the Holy Spirit. Holy Week tells us that the future need not be, “just as it was before.” The victory has been won!  

Bible Reading: John 16: 23-24, 33 (NLT)