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How is your family doing during this time of isolation and social distancing? My thoughts go out to those who are experiencing home schooling for the first time. I read a story recently which may provide some guidance.  

A teacher who had great success with students was asked for his secret. This was at a time when the common approach to teaching was strict discipline, plenty of extra studying, and physical punishment. The teacher replied, “Suppose a tree were planted in a garden and bound up so that its branches could not spread, what do think would happen in later years when the bindings were removed? This is how pupils are treated in our schools where fear, blows, and lack of freedom are constantly applied.” In 1079 this reply from Anslem, Abbot of Bec, sounded very strange. Gentleness, compassion, were trademarks of his approach to teaching in his monastery school.  

Home schooling can be a challenge, as well as a wonderful opportunity for parent and child to discover what it means to spread our branches and reach for the sky! Today, April 21, we remember Saint Anslem, 1033-1109, Abbot and later Archbishop of Canterbury!  

Bible Reading: Mark 10: 13-16