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During these past months of cold weather did you blow into your hands to warm them? You know what I mean; you cupped your hands and gently breathed into them. Aaah, a soothing, warming, life restoring feeling!  

Scripture has references to our Creator gently breathing into human beings. There is the passage in Genesis, and the thrilling vision of Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones. In the New Testament there is the amazing experience the disciples had on the evening of the first Easter Day when the Risen Lord Jesus stood among them and breathed on them.  

You and I know how precious is the gift of breathing in and out. Usually we take it for granted until something threatens to take our breath away, and then we cry out for help. Help is close at hand, the One who breathed life into us is even closer than that soothing, warming, life restoring breath we felt on our cold hands. Thanks be to God. Alleluia!   

Bible Reading: Genesis 2:7; Ezekiel 37: 5-7; John 20: 22.