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This week has been a week of true community at St. George’s.  First there were our first meetings with artist Thomas Roach, and the arts workshop.  Then there was the funeral for Marg Craig, one of the matriarchs of St. George’s - an irrepressibly caring and gentle matriarch.  Thank you to everyone who was a part of these events.   

Many of you may be interested in what kind of thing Thomas Roach is going to design for us.  The idea is similar to another work of his, The Prayers of the Church.  You can take a look at this video to get a sense of it:  

The prayers of our church will be a major part of our artwork.  Writing out your prayers is one of the easiest and most meaningful ways you can get involved.  Beginning the week after Pentecost, we will be having a 6-week Bible study via email.  Each week, I’ll be sharing psalms and other passages of Scripture, as well as famous prayers from the liturgy.  Each week, I invite you to pray, “Lord Jesus, what prayer are you asking me to pray for St. George’s?”  

We are already collecting the prayers of our church.  In the Narthex you’ll find a plastic box with a pale green lid.  Inside you’ll find Bibles, prayer books, hymnals - all things to help you find a prayer that is meaningful to you that you would like to contribute.  This might be a phrase from Scripture, a verse of a song, a prayer you’ve prayed every week since you were a child.  God is speaking in our hearts, praying through us all the time.  What prayers is God bringing to life in your heart?   

We invite you to write your prayers on a blank piece of paper (regular printer paper is great), in black ink (preferably not ballpoint pen).  For those of us who like to be tidy and write in straight lines, you can put a piece of lined paper behind your blank paper.  You’ll find all these materials in the box in the Narthex, as well as some examples of how we’ll use these prayers in our work of art.  

Also a brief note about some times I’ll be away in the next few weeks: May 27-30 I’ll be away at our annual Clergy Conference May 30-31 is the Taize prayer and workshop (everyone is welcome!) June 1-8 Michael and I will be away on holiday.  Pastor Reg is taking the service on June 2 at 9:00 am.  

God bless