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“What’s the Priest Been Up To?”

Every so often in the ebb and flow of parish life, it may feel like the Priest drops off the radar.  Not so!  She’s working hard on something very exciting that she can’t wait to tell you about. 

When our new home is built, it will have an east-facing wall which will be the focal point of all our services.  That wall will have two huge sort of cabinet doors which will open out to reveal.... what?  A wooden cross?  A PowerPoint screen?  A poster we ordered online?  Imagining the space with the ladies of the Altar Guild, an idea emerged: what about magnificent hangings that would transform our space? 

Over time, this idea has grown.  We’ve connected with fabric artist Thomas Roach who is the artist-in-residence at Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, who is excited to work with us.  But he won’t simply make this magnificent work of art for us - he will work with us so that it’s something beautiful that we create together as a community (under his excellent artistic guidance). Our work of art will be based on our stories of St. George’s journey and our prayers for our congregation’s future.  Imagine small panels of fabric made by our hands, with colour variations that change with the seasons that will be arranged on the wall to form a kind of religious mosaic.

Now perhaps some of you are worried because you (like myself) have very limited artistic talent.  But do not be afraid!  Thomas is experienced working in Anglican communities.  He works with the skilled and non-skilled members of a community (and the especially-skilled) to help them make something beautiful together.  Thomas Roach will be coming to Calgary to work with us in 2019.  He’ll involve us in the process of imagining the work, and he’ll involve us in the process of making the work in such a way that it ends up absolutely beautiful.  

We think this is such an excellent project that we’re applying for a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.  They have a funding stream that is designed exactly for this situation: where a community organization (they include churches) is commissioning a new work of art.  The application goes in before December 3, and we’ll hear the results in March.  I can’t wait to let you know how it goes.  

Keep this project in your prayers, and start getting excited - its going to be a wonderful creative journey.

God bless friends, Clara+