An absolutely enormous thank you to everyone for brining good clothes, shoes and household items for our refugee families. During the potluck lunch on Sunday, while we were sharing food and fellowship downstairs, a massive sharing of material goods was going on upstairs. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to give away literally thousands of dollars worth of much needed items to these families who have arrived in Canada with basically nothing. And just in time, too!  As the cold weather comes, we all know the importance of layering - but every layer comes with a cost. Now, by working together, we’ve been able to provide these families with all the layers they could need - and clothes for the children to grow in to, too!  

Next up will come furniture. The new family (the family of Elizabeth - or Nyathuok as she’s called in Nuer) is on the hunt for their own place to live. Once they’ve found a place, they will greatly appreciate many articles of furniture; and Martha’s house is not yet fully furnished either. If you have articles of furniture you are willing to give away, please email the Church Office with a detailed list (and photos if possible).  We are very limited in our capacity for picking up furniture, so we will appreciate your willingness to deliver, if you or family members are able.  

Thank you and God bless,