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Dear friends,  

During the month of October, a miracle has been happening over at Evergreen Community SPACES.  Two tiny rooms, which were at first dumpy and lifeless, have been filling up and brimming over with beauty, joy, laughter and creativity.  A magnificent fiery red cross, covered all over with our handwritten prayers, is being brought into reality at the hands of our wonderful St. George's artisans.  Let me tell you - I'd never before understood how much artistic talent - and sheer determination - this congregation has!  

On Sunday you'll have a chance to see it all for yourself, downstairs after Church.  Come down.  See, touch and be amazed.  Hear from the volunteers what the process has been like.  Marvel at the beauty that we're creating together.  And make your mark on the project.  Lunch will be provided.  See you then.