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“As the Bridegroom Rejoices Over The Bride, So Your God Will Rejoice Over You.” [Isaiah 62:5b]  

Friends, it was only one year ago that we were busy welcoming the refugee families from Kenya and helping them set up their homes and get comfortable.  It was a time of enormous energy at St. George’s, and volunteers and money were flowing in to help meet these needs.  In the year since, we have continued to help in lots of quieter ways.  Now, there are opportunities to do significantly more, once again.  We are aiming to raise at least $1,300 for the Rector’s Discretionary Fund for projects to help our refugees.  There are job training opportunities, and qualifications that can help make a difference to their employability, and medical/dental supports to enhance their lives and relationships.  Cheques can be made payable to St. George’s Anglican Church, with a note in the memo line – Rector’s Discretionary Fund.  

If anyone has inquiries about the specific projects we’re looking at, I’ll be happy to give you more details.  

God bless,