In the Anglican tradition, Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage are turning points in our lives of faith.  When a baby is baptized, parents and godparents make promises to raise the child in the Christian faith; in confirmation, a person recommits to their faith and to the Anglican tradition; and in marriage, the couple covenant to become a family of faith together.



In the Anglican tradition, baptism is our initiation into the Church and the family of God.  We offer baptism of infants, young people and adults who have not been baptized before.  We recognize the baptism offered in other Christian traditions which baptize "in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." 

If you are interested in having yourself or a member of your family baptized, come and check out a Sunday service at St. George's, and if you like our style, introduce yourself to the Priest after service, and make an appointment to follow up.



Confirmation is how we reaffirm our faith as Christians and our commitment to the Anglican tradition.  Confirmation is historically offered for young people (13 and up) and for adults who have not been confirmed.. 

For those who have been confirmed before in a different Christian tradition, we offer a rite of "reception", in which we welcome you into the Anglican tradition.

If you're interested in confirmation or reception, join us one Sunday morning for worship, and speak with the Priest after the service.



Marriage is offered in the Anglican Church as a sacrament of the faith.  If you are interested in being married in the Anglican tradition, please join us on a Sunday morning for worship, and speak with the Priest after the service.