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The closing of Anglican churches in the Diocese of Calgary didn’t come unexpectantly or as a surprise to most of us.  By March 2020, Rev. Clara and the Wardens saw the writing on the wall and started looking for alternative ways for St. George’s to continue worshiping as a spiritual family.  When the news did come on March 12, 2020, plans were already in place to move worship services online using Zoom.     

Although there have been a few hiccups along the way, St. George’s persevered and rose to the challenges that Covid presented.  Using Zoom as an online platform has allowed St. George’s to grow, support each other and add the Daily Office of Morning and Evening Prayer to our worship schedule.  As our skill and comfort levels increased, so did our sense of adventure.  We now hold social events, book studies and meetings regularly on Zoom; we even held our Children’s Christmas Pageant online with adults coming dressed in their favourite “pageant” costume.   

What could have been a devastating event to parish life has been just the opposite.  Weekly service attendance is up and participation in many other aspects of parish life has increased.  At the recent annual meeting of parishioners, attendees were given the opportunity to relate how Covid had changed their participation in parish life and church ministries.