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Friends, thank you so very much for your incredible generosity in helping Elizabeth and her family and Thomas get settled.  Thanks to everything you’ve donated - which includes pretty much all the major pieces of furniture they need! - and a generous donation from St. Barnabas Anglican Church (Hillhurst), they are comfortably settled in time for the holidays.  

A little background about why there was more need for Elizabeth’s family than for Martha’s family when they came.  Thomas was successful in advocating for Martha to be settled by the Government here in Calgary.  But for some reason, Elizabeth was settled in Saskatoon.  Within mere hours of them arriving, Thomas had connected with their Settlement Counsellor, who agreed Calgary would be a better place for them to live.  They got them on the Greyhound, and within 72 hours of arriving on this continent, they were guests in Martha’s house.  But this transition came at a cost: there were certain supports they wouldn’t get - and help with furniture was one of those.  That’s why your help has been so essential, and so deeply moving.  They were literally sleeping on the floor and eating cross-legged in their living room.  Now, they feel truly at home.

God bless you all for the outpouring of open-hearted self-giving you’ve shown.  Your generosity has been very, very beautiful to witness.

Well done, brothers and sisters in Christ!