Each one of us is on a journey of faith.

At St. George's, we don't come to church to "do" our faith: we come to church to be refreshed and renewed to go back out into our lives and live our faith.

Each one of us is on a journey as a disciple of Christ. We aspire to see Jesus more clearly and love him more dearly, and follow him more nearly, day after day.

Discipleship looks different for every one of us, but God offers every one of us opportunities each and every day of our lives, to take our next step of faith.

We believe and we proclaim that God is with us every day, in every circumstance. We believe that God looks on us with love. We believe that God aspires for us to live lives of goodness, mercy, compassion, justice, self-giving, joy, love.

In other words, God aspires for us to live beautiful, faithful lives.

Every day, God sees opportunities for us to take our next step towards that beautiful, faithful life - and it is our choice whether to take that opportunity or not.

Coming to Church helps us see the opportunities God points out to us. It helps us be ready to say "yes!" It helps us when we need to say, "Oh God, I got it all wrong!" And then, coming to Church helps us get back on track.

That's pretty much what we do, and you're welcome to join us.