North East Calgary is a highly diverse community, and so are we.

Our congregation is made up of folks from all over the world, and all across the country, and with a wide variety of abilities.  We bring with us all kinds of life stories and journeys of faith.  

Some folks have been Anglicans all their lives, whether in Canada or elsewhere in the Worldwide Anglican Communion; others are new to the Anglican Church, church life, or new even to faith itself.  People also hold highly diverse opinions on, for instance, the relationship of Christianity to other faiths and whether being gay is a sin.  

To us, this diversity is a beautiful gift.  The world is too full of conflicts tearing people apart.  We look to follow Christ's command and grow deeper as brothers and sisters in the one Body, despite the many things that might divide us.  

We're quite intentional about building bridges between folks here!  We designated 2019 as our Year of Fellowship, to build new connections among people - take a look at the brochure below, to get a sense of what connection means here.

Basically, who ever you are and where ever you come from (geographically or spiritually), you're welcome here.