Not only is each one of us on a journey of faith, our congregation is on a journey of faith too.  Four years ago, our former church building was falling apart, and we needed a new way forward.  We moved out on pilgrimage, and into rental accommodation at Prince of Faith Lutheran Church.  We gifted our former property to a community partner who will build affordable seniors housing, something North East Calgary needs badly.  Then we'll move back into a brand new worship space in the new housing project on our former property.  It's a big, bold, long-term vision: an experimental partnership between the Church and a social service agency to better serve the wider community.

While we look towards our future with hope and excitement, there's also some stuff from our past that needs healing. You know how times of struggle and challenge in our own lives can be the rocket fuel for our personal growth?  Well, the same is true for a congregation.  We are working through these challenges in our congregation's past in order to grow and deepen in emotional health, faith in God, and resilience for an awesome future.

Paul said, "just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we too might walk in newness of life!" (Romans 6:3).  That's exactly what we're learning to do: walk in newness of life by the transforming power of Christ.  If you want to learn that too, come and join us and we'll learn together.