What does it mean that we are "Anglican"?  It means we're part of something much bigger than ourselves.  We're part of the Anglican Diocese of Calgary (which includes all of Southern Alberta, from Red Deer south to the border), the Anglican Church of Canada, and the Worldwide Anglican Communion, which includes member churches quite literally all over the planet.

Take a look at the menu on the left-hand side of the page to read more in depth about the Anglican Church.  Here are a few basic points:

  • You're welcome.  We don't mind if you're Anglican or not.  Everyone is welcome.
  • Our worship is Scripture-based: we read from the Bible at every service, and our preaching is deeply rooted in the Word of God.
  • Our worship is "liturgical" - this means we follow an order of prayers and readings and singing every Sunday, similar to the Catholic Church. 
  • Sometimes we stand, sometimes we sit.  Sometimes people do different things.  We try to make it obvious when to do what.  Don't be afraid if you don't know exactly what to do.
  • While Anglican churches do many things the same, each church is unique.  Some Anglican churches are traditional with organs and choirs, some have worship bands (we have two!), some are charismatic.  So if you have been to an Anglican church before, we might be like that, and we might not. 
  • We welcome "church shoppers": feel free to drop in, check out a service, and decide if you like our style of worship or not.  If it's not your thing, feel free to check out other churches!  We like it when people settle down here because they're happy and they like what we've got going on.