500 years ago, the Anglican Church was born in England, heavily influenced by both the Catholic Church and the Protestant movement.  

As a result of our history, many Catholics feel very familiar in Anglican worship: our priests wear special robes for worship, there are certain prayers we say every single Sunday, and our services follow an ancient pattern of prayers, readings, preaching and Communion.  

Many Protestants too feel a strong connection with Anglican worship: our prayers are filled with references to Scripture, we read aloud from the Bible at every single service, and our preaching is deeply rooted in the Word of God.  

Because the British took the Anglican tradition around the world with them as they built their Empire, this is truly a global Church.  In our congregation, we have many members who were Anglican in their home countries, before they came to Canada: in the Caribbean, Fiji, South East Asia, Africa, Pakistan and the Indian sub-continent, Britain and the United States.

We are an incredibly diverse Church, all united as brothers and sisters in Christ through our shared Anglican tradition.