Some people new to the Anglican Church may feel that our services are almost identical each week.  For Evangelicals, this may seem strange, but that same-ness is a very beautiful gift that Anglicanism has to offer.   

Each week, the liturgy (the order of the worship service) stays remarkably the same, even while we change.  Some of the prayers that we say every Sunday are hundreds of years old (even though the language is modern) - they're profound enough to have lasted through a huge breadth of life circumstances and all kinds of moments in history.  They're that deep.  Their constancy is why they are so powerful: they remind us of the constancy of God, who remains close to us every day of our lives, through good times and through bad.

While the prayers don't change, the meaning that we read into them deepens over time.  As we pray them throughout our lives, these prayers sink into our bones.   They help us to pray even when we no longer know what to pray for, or even how to pray at all.  They help us get through very tough times in our own lives.

Over time, the prayers change us, very quietly and very gently, and help us grow in faithful trust in God and as passionate disciples of Christ